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Exposing the Religious Right

Introduction Section 1: The Critical Issue
Chapter 1 All About the Separation of Church and State

Section 2: Who are they & how we got them
Chapter 2 Origins and Initial Tactics
Chapter 3 Joining With The GOP
Chapter 4 Moving On Up – to the Courts
Chapter 5 Add Dominionists & Reconstructionists
Chapter 6 Naming Names
Chapter 7 Democracy’s Greatest Threat
Chapter 8 Tactics

Section 3: The Resulting Worldview
Chapter 9 We obey a “Higher Law” Ethics
Chapter 10 The END TIMES Focus
Chapter 11 Religious Caste System

Section 4: The War is on
Chapter 12 The Seven Mountains of Influence
Chapter 13 Religious Right and Our Military
Chapter 14 The Mountain of Religion
Chapter 15 The Mountain of Business
Chapter 16 The Mountain of Media
Chapter 17 The Mountain of Arts and Entertainment
Chapter 18 The Mountain of Education
Chapter 19 Rewriting History
Chapter 20 The Church and Science – a Long Battle

Section 5: The Family Mountain
Chapter 21 Women’s Role
Chapter 22 The Quiverfull Movement
Chapter 23 Not Just About Abortion!
Chapter 24 Children are the Prize to the Winners
Chapter 25 Gay’s and the Traditional Family

Section 6: The Past and the Future
Chapter 26 The Soap Opera of Church in History
Chapter 27 Resources to Get Involved
Chapter 28 Sum It Up