A.F. Alexander was born and raised in Colorado and witnessed first hand the relocation of Focus on the Family, and its impact on the city. She was one of those far right conservative Christians. She even completed a Bible Institute program that ingrained the conservative worldview into her being. She left the movement, after a few decades of ardent involvement, over the position that women should stay with abusive husbands. She graduated from a church sponsored Bible Institute, worked as a part time church secretary in her spare time, was a Sunday School teacher for approximately eight years, and wrote for a monthly church publication. She holds a BSBA degree, as well as a Bachelor of Arts in Sacred Theology. She has worked in Fortune 500 companies her entire adult life. This was the book that had to be written and would not be quieted.

Initially, she intended to write a clarification of the Bible to New Agers and others who quoted and interpreted the Bible incorrectly – in her mind. She quickly found that she had been an extremist in her own beliefs, and the book became an exposé. Four years, and over sixty reference books later (we aren’t even touching on the number of articles), she had systematically presented the Religious Right agenda. “There are a couple of major themes and players that clearly stood out as I researched and pieced their agenda together. One theme that I found very disturbing was the intentional move towards a government and culture solely established upon an extremist view of the Bible, essentially a theocracy, and a deliberate move away from any consent of the governed. I felt that deserved to be spotlighted and brought to every citizen’s attention.”

Ms. Alexander currently resides in Colorado.