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The ebook is available through Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Copia, iBookstore, Sony, Kobo, Baker and Taylor, and shortly at Gardner's. Ingram is the distributor for libraries and bookstores. You can easily order using Ingram's ipage system.

The book is on the shelves at the 3 Denver locations of Tattered Cover. You can find it in the "Local Authors" section!!!

Book endorsement:
"Every freedom loving American should read this book. A.F. Alexander lays out the facts as only an insider could, and they are startling. Christian Dominionism represents a clear and present danger to our democracy, and this book tells you what each of us can do to protect the Liberty we all hold so dear." Jason Childs, founder of the Center for Progress in Alabama, Liberty University graduate, and former evangelical Baptist pastor.

Midwest Book Review: Small Press Watch, June 2012
"A theocracy is a nation where religion controls the government. 'Religious Right: The Greatest Threat to Democracy' is a treatise from a former member of such a religious right Church... 'Religious Right' is worth considering for those who want to better understand the Christian Right's ideals for the American nation."

San Francisco Book Reviews - 4 Stars
"There is a dangerous threat brewing, and many are afraid to speak out against it. As a former member of the Religious Right, A.F. Alexander offers an insider's explanation of why the movement formed, how it joined with the Republican Party, how its members view the world, and what they want for America... this book serves as an honest and frightening look into a movement whose goal, Alexander argues, is ultimately to destroy American democracy in favor of a Biblically-led system."

Nulla/LibraryThing 4 stars
It is a good basic introduction to understanding the drives of the fundamentalist Christian right and how they mesh into present day American politics...It will scare the pants off you - as it should!

Barnes & Noble Anonymous Reviewer 5 Stars
"I couldn't put it down. This book ties together all the pieces of the pervasive Dominionist movement. Theocrats really are systematically gaining control of the 'seven mountains' of our society... The author gives us the true history of the movement and brings us up to date on its impressive progress. He takes us inside many subsets of this extremist world. I was particularly fascinated by the creepy Quiverfull movement. This stuff should be the stuff of fiction and conspiracy theories, but it is very real. It is also dangerously under reported."

Amazon Reviewer Ronald Maron (Nova Scotia) 5 Stars
"In a clearly defined and fluid manner, the author defines the Seven Mountains of Influence, which serves as the blue print for a religious based government, the leading protagonists behind this movement and the length and breadth to which it has already succeeded...Unless we as a population of persons can get out of our collective malaise and awaken to the stealth operations that are taking place around us we, too, will become the boiled frogs of the symbolic kettle."